Senior Care DoctorDo you have a patient who is facing a health crisis and needs to make a transition in housing?  We can assist their family when changes need to be made quickly.

From clearing out clutter to make room for a walker or medical equipment, to completely relocating the patient to a senior community, Tender Care Move Management can bring calm to the crisis for out of town family members.

The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a complex process can be daunting for the entire family. If this delicate process is not handled with the greatest of care, some older adults can suffer relocation stress syndrome, also known as “transition trauma.”

Professional guidance is essential.

Tender Care Move Management provides a comprehensive package of services, including:

  • Developing an overall move or “age in place” plan
  • Organizing, sorting and downsizing
  • Serve as  contact person for out of town family members
  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers
  • Arranging shipments and storage
  • Supervise professional packing
  • Unpacking and setting up the new home
  • Arranging for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale,  consignment, donation
  • Related services, such as cleaning, waste removal, shopping, senior escort, assisting with selection of a Realtor and helping prepare the home to be sold.

Tender Care Move Management provides a multi-faceted approach to the downsizing with a focus on compassion and respect for our clients. We minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the client’s and family’s wishes. As a result, the older adult’s move to a new living environment is celebrated and enjoyed – as it should be.
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